Apache Stories Art Exhibition,
Desert Caballeros Western Museum

Wickenburg, AZ- October 30 2021-October 2, 2022

"Summer Breeze"

© 2016 -2022 by Lorenzo Cassa. All rights reserved.

I had the opportunity to meet Lorenzo this day on March 14, 2016 and saw for the very first time his exquisite paintings of his Apache people. Lorenzo is the oral historian of his people with the use of his brush and bringing to life the people who are so close and dear to him. His work ranks right up there with the best of traditional American artists with the likes of Remington, Russell and Farnby. There's no need to elaborate on his methods or technique as that is beyond the comprehension of art aficionados who simply want fine art that expresses a certain mood and capturing a particular moment in time. It is these frozen time frames that captures the very essence of Apacheria. Lorenzo sets the standards for contemporary Indian artists who will simply have to work much harder to convey their messages through their art.
Don Decker/Dilzhe'eh Apache/Film maker/Video maker.